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REIJIRO KUDO       工藤 礼二郎

Painting of transparent layers

HAYAMI  Takashi
art critic

The works of Reijiro KUDO have the characteristic that the surface near gray or black is contrary with subtle shine and depth.

They are achieving extremely monotone or monochrome, on the other hand they show the appearance the difference of opposite color tone and polychrome. It’s because of that he repeats to paint so many layers of color. While the layers of opaque color are coming to gray and black, the layers of transparent color make the unique dark color with light. That is the same bright appearing when the chromatic color (glaze) respond to the color of underlayer.

The painting of KUDO is created from the particular manner of this glaze.

The potential of paintings was monopolized by the shallow space and the contrast of colors in over 100 years, apart from the expression by the multilayer of oil paint.

 The main method of painting after impressionism is putting a succession of little touches of colors in brushstroke and surface.

The putting the color side by side is very good for expressing the light moving of colors on the surface.

It is well known that this lead to the method of contemporary art using the repeat and the division.

Recently this is questioned, and the possibility of painting, multilayer of colors and tonal expression is becoming to reconsider again.

The painting of KUDO is in this tendency.

Light is not always with bright. The color of his painting is not the bright color created by reproducing, being different with impressionism.

The light in the dark. That is different with the form and construction of painting in Italy. IN stead of that, he inherits the transparent light and the interest to the surface from Netherlandish painting.

Light is not always with the color.

Kudo convert the light to the color, on the other hand, traditionary the expression of transparent layer used to be considered the light as the tone of light and darkness.

The painting of KUDO is the light =colors, which is created by crossing light and shade in the dark., and also the realistic and specific light = colors, which is created by paints as medium autonomously.

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