REIJIRO KUDO       工藤 礼二郎

1964    Born in OSAKA.

1990    Sokei Academy of Fine Arts (1st prize in Sokei Award )

1991    Finished advanced course in Sokei Academy of Fine Arts

1996    Residency in Cité international des arts in Paris

2002    Scholar of HOLBEIN scholarship




【 Group Exhibitions 】


2020     “4rd Eight colors Forest of art exhibition”,

              Ikeda Memorial Museum of Art, Niigata

             “Eight colors Forest of art exhibition - Spin-off -",

              Ningyo-cho Vision’s, Tokyo

    “SIGNALS” Centrespace,  Bristol

2019    “Square ”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

             "Art Viewing Nishitama 2019

             -Art Local Production for Local Consumption-",

             Ome City Museum of Art, Tokyo

    “3rd Eight colors Forest of art exhibition”,

              Ikeda Memorial Museum of Art, Niigata

       “Adventure on the Surface - Mythology of Abstraction ”,

              Gallery KONOTORI, Tokyo

2018     “flexible art exhibition”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

                GALLERY shop SUPREME”, Gallery Sol, Tokyo

              “2rd Eight colors Forest of art exhibition”,

               keda Memorial Museum of Art, Niigata

2017     “Perspective Exhibition”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

              “Adventure on the Surface - Apocalypse of Abstraction ”,

               Gallery KONOTORI, Tokyo

2016     “Perspective Exhibition-Light”, GALERIE AND、Tokyo

2015     “The World of Black painting”, Galerie Punto, Tokyo

2013     “ANDO SESSION-4 Sensibility Colors Exhibition”,

               GALERIE ANDO Tokyo

2012     “ANDO SESSION-3 Light Exhibition”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2009     “Art in Sympathy vol.3”, Ningyo-cho Vision’s, Tokyo

              “Adventures on the Surface vol.4”, Gallery CASO, Osaka

2007     “Crossing”, Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto

2005     “GAW”, Shinjuku Golden Town, Tokyo

2003     “Various Undulation”, 23 Gallery, Tokyo

2002     “Thinking about the matter below the surface”,

               Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo

2001     “Exhibition-Trace”, Gallery Sol, Tokyo

2000     “Rasen Selection 2000”, Galeria RASEN, Tokyo


1998     “Collection of Tatsutoshi KAWAMURA“

               -The beautiful world spread from John Cage- ,

               Junsin Gallery, Tokyo

1996     “Flowers for Mururoa Project”, Galeria RASEN Tokyo



【 Solo Exhibitions 】


2019     horyuji Fuji GALERIE. Nara

2018     horyuji Fuji GALERIE. Nara

2017     GALLERY SOL, Tokyo

              GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2015     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2012     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2009     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2007     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2006     Gallery Gen, Tokyo

              Fuji Gallery, Osaka

2005     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2003     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

2001     GALLERY SOL, Tokyo

2000     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

1999     GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

1998     Galeria Rasen, Tokyo

              Gallery Taga, Tokyo

              Gallery Gen, Tokyo

1997     Cite International des Arts,  Paris

1995     Gallery Gen, Tokyo

1994     G・ART GALLERY, Tokyo

1992     G・ART GALLERY, Tokyo