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REIJIRO KUDO       工藤 礼二郎

Reijiro KUDO Exhibition review

TAKAMI   Akihiko
art critic

(1998,Galeria Rasen)

Dark Color Field painting makes dilate the pupil for a moment, it looks like we are in the dark unexpectedly.

The field like monochrome is the result to repeat painting again and again with various colors turning off the trace of brushworks.

KUDO returns his characteristic of painting to the flatness covered by matiére in minimal as one of the indicators to the achievement of Ad Reinhardt.

And he conceals the texture of light and tuning in the warm colors and in the solemn field based on the history of painting till modernism. At the edge of era everything goes by fast, it harmonizes with the sound of canon in far and deep distance, through the layers slowly.

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