I have ever read the ‘Modern Painting and the Northern Romantic Tradition’ by Robert Rosenblum. I was very interested in his explanation that the mystique and spirituality of German romantic painter represented by Friedrich, etc. was following to Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman. At that time, I was fascinated with the bright metier by early Netherlandish painters in 15 century and thinking how to use their oil painting technique to abstract painting. That was the beginning of my works making at that time. Right now, I use acrylic paint in stead of oil paint, and paint by brush, airbrush and spray gun. But I always wish to meet to the light inside the painting and the sense of immersion or the spirituality.

(11 . 2019)

One of the guide lines of my works since I’ve been facing the abstract paintings is the words by Barnett Newman “ painting should be plasmic not plastics” I am not yet sure what plasmic is, but I am always thinking about that I will be able to get closer to it by seeking anything among the ambivalent, color and light, surface and deep, emptiness and fulfillment, monochrome and polychrome, etc. I am seeking beyond the point is light itself , light itself in the painting.
(03. 2019)

Where can I find the difference between the lay and the painting? I often feel in the vain to paint when I recognize the beauty in the surface after putting the white color on the support and grinding it well. On the other hand, it is important how to create its shining and beauty as long as the paint is not only the object. They will be lost when I just repeat to draw intentionally. I believe that it is important that I should be in patient to repeat the painting and grinding under control the drawing till the light appears after combining the white color on the upper and lower layers. I seek the critical point of the color and the light and the world of the transparent white beyond the above actions. There is no way to meet the existence over the object excepting to communicate with the objects. It is necessary for me because I am trying to paint based on my uncertain.

(03 . 2017)

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